How Do I Know If My Child Would Benefit from Testing?

  • My child was evaluated by the school but was not identified to receive special services and is still not doing well. 

  •  My child is bright but is not doing as well I think they should in school.

  •  My child displays processing delays and requires extra time to complete tests and assignments.

  •  My child spends an excessive amount of time completing their homework.

  •  My child struggles with attention and concentration.

  •  My child is overly hyperactive and/or impulsive.

  •  My child is disorganized and has difficulty with task initiation.

  •  My child works very hard but is always just below grade level.

  •  My child does poorly on the state mastery tests.

  •  My child struggles with reading.

  •  My child displays weak writing or reading comprehension skills.

  •  My child exhibits memory impairments.

  •  My child experiences difficulty memorizing math facts or operations.

  •  My child hates school.

  •  My child has difficulty making/keeping friends.

  •  My child seems anxious or depressed.

  •  My child is displaying oppositional or defiant behaviors.

  • My child can benefit from a more challenging academic environment, such as a gifted program.

*We also assess adults for learning and attention problems as well as for emotional/psychological issues.




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