Psychotherapy Groups

Teen Talk 

Who should attend this group? 

  • Teens wanting a safe environment to talk and share

  • Ages 13-17

Examples of Teen Talk Topics:

  • How to handle stress related to academics

  • Peer Pressure

  • How to solve conflicts with friends or parents

  • Making friends and feeling a sense of belonging

  • Self-esteem/Body Image

  • Learning ways to cope with anxiety or difficult feelings 

  • How to be assertive and  have better communication skills

  • Increasing impulse control and better decision-making



Women Empowering Women

Who should attend this group? 

  • Women needing a safe and supportive environment to process feelings, challenges, and life events. 

  • Ages 18+

Possible Group Topics:

  • Increase assertiveness skills in relating to self and others

  • Boundary setting

  • Conflict management

  • Explore codependent relationships

  • Coping with daily stressors

  • Improving self-worth 

Why attend this group? 

  • Support from those with similar experiences.

  • Group wisdom.

  • Inspiration for change.

  • Emotionally safe sharing environment.




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