CogMed Working Memory Training Program


South Miami Psychology Group offers the CogMed Working Memory Training Program. Cogmed Working Memory Training has been developed to assist people who are experiencing challenges with working memory and attention, as typically found in ADHD and/or working memory deficits. Please contact us for more information regarding CogMed or see the helpful information included below. 


What is CogMed Working Memory Training? 


CogMed Working Memory Training is a cognitive training program that improves working memory. 


Who is CogMed Working Memory for? 


CogMed Working Memory has been dsigned to help children, adolescents and adults improve attention, organizational and planning skills, as well as the ability to multi-task. 

Recent research has affirmed the importance of working memory to a broad range of populations, including: students, test takers, athletes, professionals, individuals with attention deficit disorders and aging adults.


We understand the problems these individuals face and are pleased to offer the Cogmed Memory Training Program at our practice, a research-based solution that produces measurable results.


For more details on CogMed Memory Training, please visit:



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